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Email Disclaimer

This document contains an email disclaimer for use in England, Wales and Scotland by any company sending emails in the course of its business.

What the disclaimer contains

The following disclaimer provides cover to a business where emails are being sent or received.  It deals with a number of areas that are crucial to anyone sending out emails in a business context, such as limitation of liability.

How to use the disclaimer and why you should use it

There is considerable scope for the content of an email, or the sending of an email, to generate legal issues for a company.  This may be with respect to a breach of someone else’s confidentiality, libellous, inappropriate or defamatory statements made in an email by a member of the company, or accidentally transferring a virus or entering into a binding agreement via email.  Using an email disclaimer can protect against these and other legal consequences of sending emails.

The language of the disclaimer should be included at the end of every email that is sent from the company and, to be safe, also in every response to an email that has been sent to the company.


This disclaimer covers the basic forms of legal protection against the consequences of using email.  These are:

  • Limitation of liability for the delivery or content of the email
  • Limitation on the actions of a recipient who receives the email in error
  • Limitation of liability for virus transmission
  • No employee or agent is authorised to enter into a binding agreement via email (optional)
  • The views of the sender are not those of the organisation (optional)
  • Compulsory statement for a limited company, including company number and registered address

This document is an email disclaimer

This document will not function as anything other than an email disclaimer.

If you are looking for terms and conditions for the supply of services, or any other document, please see our contents pages.



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