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Capability Policy

What is it? 
People are important to every business and managing how your staff performs in their job is one of the most vital roles a manager has. For an efficient and profitable business you need to make sure that each and every team member understands 
what they need to do
their role in the business
what will happen if they don’t perform and the consequences they could face
As an employer, you also have complied with the law which means taking into account employees who may have particular needs and when changes have to be made to accommodate those needs. 
That’s why you need a clear and consistent policy that lets everybody know from the outset how you deal with poor performance from a staff member. 
What do I get? 
You get a no-nonsense staff policy written by experienced lawyers who understand the value of staff in a small business and how important it is to manage issues quickly and efficiently so you can you protect your business. 
The policy comes with guidance which makes it easy to apply. 
You even get free updates if the law changes within 12 months from your order date. 
Is it right for me and my business? 
If you are a small business (under 20 employees) then this policy is for you. Our expert lawyers know how to protect your business and make your rights and obligations much clearer.  
Why should I get this? 
Although it’s something that any business must prepare for, the impact of capability on performance is one of the most difficult issues to deal with. In a small business you need to balance your compassion and understanding for a staff member with your legal obligations and the needs of your business. 
You owe it to the business and everybody in it to provide a clear way of dealing with any problems quickly and efficiently, knowing that you are complying with your legal obligations. 
Easy to use – help 
This policy is easy to use. There is no complicated jargon and we even include guidance and information. 
How do I get the policy? 
The policy comes to you via email through Dropbox and each time there is a change in the 12 months post order we upload the new document to Dropbox and email you to let you know there is an update available.
What happens on order is we ask you to send over the email and URL/Link to your web site as your document will be licensed for your business and then, once we have those, the link to download is sent to you. All this happens within one working day of us receiving the information from you.
It couldn't be easier!
Anything else I need to know? 
Please note the price does not include email support or phone calls but the policy comes with full instructions and advice about how to use it.  



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