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Website Competition Pack


These terms and conditions are suitable for use in England, Wales and Scotland by a company or organisation that is offering a prize to the public by way of a competition on its website.

What the terms and conditions contain

The following agreement provides a framework within which you – the competition organiser – offers the competition to visitors to your website.  It contains terms and conditions under which visitors to the website can enter the competition, how the prizes are to be distributed and what happens to the information provided by entrants. It also deals with standard business eventualities such as limitation of liability. 

How to use the terms and conditions and why you should use them

Before you open a competition up to the public, it is important to lay out the terms on which you are offering the opportunity to win prizes.  This will cover you in the event of any entrants who do not win and want to question the procedure of the competition.  In particular, it is important to use these terms and conditions to state that your decision is final and to reserve the right to verify the eligibility of contestants.  Acceptance of these terms and conditions occurs when the competition is entered – they should be placed prominently on the pages of the website through which the competition is entered.

Standard content

These terms and conditions contain all the usual ‘boilerplate’ clauses that provide the structure for
competition terms and conditions.  These cover everything from entry to prizes and are listed below:

  • The terms of the competition and its relationship to other competitions and -to the website User Agreement
  • Qualifications for entry into the competition, including exclusions for employees and he requirement of UK residency
  • How to submit an entry
  • Restrictions on entry, such as single entry per person
  • The right to change the competition rules
  • What to do in the event of a dispute
  • How prizes are distributed, including where winners are tied, one prize per person and unavailability of advertised prizes
  • Who owns the intellectual property rights to the entry
  • A limitation of liability
  • Obligations on entrants to take part in publicity
  • Data protection information

This document is specifically intended to be used as competition terms and conditions
This document will not provide an effective structure for anything other than competition terms and conditions.

If you are looking for terms and conditions for the supply of services other than these, please see our contents pages.



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