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Website Use T&C -Interactive website


These terms and conditions are suitable for use in England, Wales and Scotland for use with an interactive website.

What the terms and conditions contain

The following agreement provides a framework within which the user agrees to use the website.  It contains terms and conditions, under which the user will navigate the website, upload to the website and make use of facilities, such as bulletin boards and chat areas. It also deals with standard online issues such as cancellation and suspension and queries and complaints. 

How to use the terms and conditions and why you should use them

Before you allow the public to use your website, you should clearly set out the terms and conditions on which that use is based.  Potential users may want to know whether you have a privacy policy, what constitutes acceptable use of the website and what services are provided and these are all laid out in the terms and conditions.

A good set of terms and conditions will save both time and money in the long run, should any disputes or queries arise further down the line.  If you have dealt with issues such as cancellation of a user’s account and the procedure for dealing with queries and complaints, as well as covering yourself with disclaimers and a limitation of liability, then you lower your risk of encountering future problems with dissatisfied users of the site, or being unable to take action where the site is used incorrectly.  There is no need to ask a user to agree to the terms and conditions specifically as this acceptance is deemed to have been made as soon as the user begins to use the website.

Standard content

These terms and conditions contain all the standard ‘boilerplate’ clauses for an interactive website.  These cover the mechanics of the transaction and are listed below:

  • Definitions
  • Application of conditions and incorporation of the proposal
  • Details of the services
  • How an agreement arises and the terms and conditions are accepted
  • The price of the services and how payment is made
  • Overdue payments and interest on overdue payments
  • Obligations on the buyer, such as that to comply with the proposal
  • Obligations on the supplier for delivery of the services
  • Responsibility and use
  • Use of confidential information and how data will be held
  • Transfer of title to the services and allocation of risk
  • Guarantee (optional)
  • Conditions for a replacement product
  • Cancellation (optional)
  • Length of initial contract period to which services are subject
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Indemnity
  • Waiver
  • Force Majeure
  • How notices should be served
  • Invalidity of individual clauses does not affect the agreement as a whole
  • Governing law and jurisdiction

This document is specifically designed to provide terms and conditions for an interactive website

This document will not provide an effective structure for anything other than terms and conditions for an interactive website.

If you are looking for any other document, please see our contents pages.



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