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Director's Personal Gu...
WHEN TO USE THIS DOCUMENT This Guarantee document is as basi...

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Website Competition Pa...
COMPETITION TERMS & CONDITIONS These terms and conditions ...

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Affiliate Agreement...
WHEN TO USE THIS DOCUMENT This Affiliate Agreement is an agre...

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Employment Law

Law Hound offers Employment Law agreements, contracts, policies and letters.  



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Capability Policy

HR – STAFF CAPABILITY AND PERFORMANCE POLICY What is it? People are important to every business and managing how your staff performs in their job is one of the most vital roles a manager has. For an efficient and profitable business you need to make sure that each and every team member u.. Read More >>



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GP Employment Contract

Employment contract suitable for staff member on admin team working in a GP's surgery. Covers all the following: Agenda for change Terms of work Description of job Hours Pay Absence Discipline and Grievance Pension Notice Period Reference to staff handbook Flexible working.. Read More >>


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Price :£45.00