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Legal Document Packs

Buying your legal documents in bulk saves even more money. We have just one simple pricing structure - £150 for all the documents on the site.

Download all at once or download some each month as new titles come on line. Easy, simple, cost effective legal documents for your business!

We also offer two other bulk buy legal document packages - these are £99 

 £99 for 100 pre selected IT and Business Law popular docs   or


£99 for all of our HR and Employment Law Docs


You just have to register and then once registered you get access to the payment area to get started!

Package Name

Package Rate



£ 150

12 months

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Benefits of Legal Document Packs

  • Considerable saving on the purchase of each document individually
  • Download the latest version when you need it
  • Get up to 25% off other legal services and documents as a subscriber member